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Tren Enant 150

(Contains also: grapeseed oil, campesterol, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, 9% benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol 1.5%)

Tren ENANT 150 is comparable with Tren 100, however, the effect of Tren ENANT 150 lasts much longer. There is a very strong anabolic product with versatile use and is used successfully both in the construction phase in bodybuilding (especially in combination with products like Danabol or Testo Depot 250) as well as in the definition phase. Many athletes say because of their experiences that Tren ENANT 150 has a strong anti-catabolic effect that prevent a loss of muscle mass in lower calorie intake.

In the final preparatory phase for bodybuilders competitions Tren ENANT 150 often, possibly combined with Winny 50 with Oxandro.

alternative to: trenbolone enantate

Dosage: 2 ml / week


Tren ENANT 150, 10 ml vial, oily solution (150 mg / ml)

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