Drachensang Real Dragon Power
DrachensangReal Dragon Power


Clen is very suitable as a supplement for diet or as a training booster. Clen of Drachensang has three different active ingredients, Clen has a very strong and direct, which thereby resulting effect is permanent.


Clen is recommended for bodybuilders in cycles or for a diet to lose fat. With Clen you can train intensively and effectively.


Clen Xenoandrogene mod # 2735ak (nicotinamide modification) was prepared according to a unique formula and is extremely strong.


Each pill contains 10 mg of synephrine (citrus aurantium extract standardized), this is the legal maximum allowable daily dose.


Synephrine is a potent stimulant product similar to epinephrine (adrenaline), the structures are very similar. Synephrine has vasoconstrictive and hypertensive properties. Synephrine in medicine used for the treatment of asthma and related conditions.


Also includes: nicotinamide, Citrus aurantium extract, caffeine

alternatively to: Clenbuterol, epinephrine


Dosage: 1 capsule / day or before a workout

120 mg of caffeine in each capsule effectively increase metabolism and stimulate fat burning increases the



Clen, 60 capsules, (5 mg/Tab)

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