Drachensang Real Dragon Power
DrachensangReal Dragon Power

Welcome to Drachensang

Drachensang specializes in the research / development and manufacture of muscle-building products. In the development of products flowing current scientific knowledge about Xenoandrogen.

The quality and characteristics of Drachensang confirm the high standards in product development and manufacturing.


Drachensang offers convert all popular anabolic substances for a successful muscle building as well as for fat loss. The Drachensang Pro Series are enhanced Xenoandrogene - identical alternatives to anabolic products. Drachensang Pro with super anabolic substances which exhibit androgenic and anabolic effects such as muscle mass and strength gains and improved circulation. As Drachensang act per xenohormones was described in detail in several scientific studies and tested in practice by a growing number of athletes and confirmed.

Made in Germany

Discover joy of life brand new. Our team will help you get fit and stay that way with the correct advice. Click here to go straight to the point: Our offers do the right thing is guaranteed for you here.

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